PEAK PERFORMANCE in the service of health

If the gently whispered pianissimo of the violin in a touching concert is perceived, the eye operation passes successfully without complications, the bypass restores the joy of life or the perfectly aligned tooth implant allows the painless bite in a juicy apple again, then a sense of satisfaction overcomes us because, not rarely, plastic parts of STAMM AG ensure reliable functioning, be it in hearing aids, insulin pens, operation instruments, in the field of dentistry, etc.

Medical technology is a demanding and sensitive area. Here our customers expect and trust us to comply with all process specifications and want an uninterrupted, detailed documentation. This is why validated processes, 'copy-exactly' specifications and especially trained personnel are part of our standard. Here again we don't know any compromises when it comes to translating the customer's demands and contributing to the reliable success of a product.

Two clean rooms are available to us for production under controlled conditions: One according to ISO 14644 class 7 and one complying with cGMP class C in operation.