Finding clever answers

One thing is clear: The handling, joining and assembling of small and minute components cannot take place more precisely, simpler, more reliably and cost-effectively than in a controlled injection moulding process. These are challenges which we meet with new designs and in which our passion for creative thinking comes to the fore.

Insertion technique: Our focus on intelligent solutions and economical productions has made us a specialist in the compound technique. This means the integration of different materials in the injection moulding process. The insertion technique is particularly attractive where shafts, hubs, ceramic parts, magnets, contacts, contacting paths, etc., have to be moulded in. This leads to a variety of design possibilities in the interest of a cost-effective production of hybrid components.

2-component injection moulding: Countless alternatives are available here for the design of components. The combination of hard-soft connections leads to new applications for example where sealing seats are concerned. The partial use of different colours or light-conducting transparent materials is suitable for design requirements or function displays.

Lenses and optical parts: our youngest child to meet the challenges of the future. We produce impeccable lenses by injection or injection-compression moulding: as pure as glass, light, resistant and cost-efficient.