Engineering without compromise

Perfection is reproducible, but only if the right tools are used. The uncompromising work of our mould-making team is a further step towards the secured reproduction. We rely on the latest machining techniques in mould making, of course, and operate only the most advanced CNC equipment embedded in a networked CAD-CAM infrastructure. It is a matter of course, also, that we use only the must suitable steel grades, standard parts and coatings. But traditional skills and creativity are needed all the same and especially so when the most minute details are no longer visible to the naked eye. Our route to the perfect mould, therefore, is to preserve traditional experience values and to take advantage of technological further developments.

It makes only sense that we apply the utmost care and trained personnel exclusively to service and maintain our customers' moulds. This includes the storage and administration of the moulds in our fire-proof mould storage facility.